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History of Perception
 Light and Sound  (1943)
[Model A2Z-DVD-01108] [UPC 882012501108]
Includes Limited Public Performance Rights - Distributed by

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In Stock $14.95

Running Time: 61 Minutes

Dolby Analog
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Interestingly it was John Kruesi who built the first practical recording device based on one of Edisonís sketches. It took several years of tinkering, however, before the first electrically recorded discs and phonographs went on sale in 1925. These recordings used the Western Electric system developed at the famous AT&T Bell Labs and allowed for the recording of entire orchestras and symphonies and were employed a little later in motion pictures as well.

It was in this year (1925) that Warner Brothers invited Walter J. Rich to join them in forming the Vitaphone Company, which experimented in producing motion pictures with recorded sound. It wasnít long before the services of AT&T were roped in. The result of their joint efforts was the production of the short musical Volga Boafman and a little later Don Juan, the first full-length film with sound recorded for the musical scenes. In 1927, Warner Bros. moved the Vitaphone production to Hollywood in the first studio built for sound;The Jazz Singer premiered Oct. 6, and went down in history as the first commercial sound film with spoken dialogue.

This was only the beginning of a new era in motion picture history and the movie industry has not looked back since. Over the next decades newer technologies were constantly employed to make sound in motion pictures more and more life-like, and the efforts continue to this day.

This DVD contains a thrilling reminder of how sound was recorded, stored on movie films and reproduced in sync with the motion pictures in the early days. Using graphic illustrations, the clips on this DVD also cast light on how human eyes and ears function.

Here's Looking
This Jam Handy produced documentary explains how visual senses in fish, some mammals and humans function and how each differs from the other. Based on scientific research and a fabulous reenactment, the clip helps you see the benefits of our bifocal vision while driving.

Sponsor: Chevrolet Motor Company
Producer: Handy (Jam) Organization
Year: 1939
Length: 00:08:34
Audio: Mono
Color: Black & White

Here's Looking

Fitting Faces
Beginning with a few valuable tips on the selection of proper makeup and eyeglasses to suit differently shaped faces, this clip offers a fascinating account of how glass is manufactured and treated before being fitted into spectacles.

Sponsor: The Atlanta Public School System
Producer: Paramount
Year: 1940
Length: 00:08:22
Audio: Mono
Color: Black & White

How the Ear Functions
This documentary explains the structure and functioning of the ear. Using graphic illustrations, animation and a charming narration, the science of hearing has been simplified as never before.

Sponsor: Knowledge Builders
Producer: K. K. Bosse
Year: 1940
Length: 00:11:38
Audio: Mono
Color: Black & White

How the Ear Functions

The Eyes and Their Care
This clip uses animated drawings and other illustrations to explain how the human eye works and provides useful suggestions on how one must take care of his or her eyes.

Sponsor: N/A
Producer: ERPI Classroom Films, Inc.
Year: 1941
Length: 00:10:01
Audio: Mono
Color: Black & White

How the Eye Functions
Beautifully animated revelation of the structure and functioning of the human eye.

Sponsor: Knowledge Builders
Producer: K. K. Bosse
Year: 1941
Length: 00:11:25
Audio: Mono
Color: Black & White

How the Eye Functions

Sound Recording and Reproduction
This fabulous clip explains how sound is recorded, stored and used in motion pictures.

Sponsor: Encyclopedia Britannica Films
Producer: Erpi Classroom Films Inc.
Year: 1943
Length: 00:10:38
Audio: Mono
Color: Black & White

Sound Recording and Reproduction

Running Time:61 Minutes


Arguably, hearing and sight play the most significant roles in gathering information about oneís environment. Without these, it would be near impossible to figure out what was going on outside of oneís mind - save that which may be gathered through taste and touch.

Based on solid scientific research and using easy-to-understand visuals and illustrations, this DVD explains how the eyes and ears are structured and underlines their significance in communication. Designed in an age when the science of audio-visual communication devises was still in its prime, the clips on this DVD offer a rare glimpse of the tremendous advancements scientists were making in this field. Graphics and other illustrations used here may certainly have been a thrilling treat for viewers then, as they are today, though for different reasons.

The clip showing how sound was recorded on motion picture films is especially edifying and although this science has reached heights not imagined in those days, this is an excellent reminder of how it all began.

This is a fascinating collection of educational films with a historic value and is a priceless addition to any collection. I have no doubts that these clips will prove to be just as invaluable to a student today as they were over half a century ago!


"I really admire the great lengths to which producers like Jam Handy went to produce such beautifully crafted educational films about eyes and ears. No detail is left to the imagination and difficult concepts are simplified insightfully. I am quite certain that it took a lot of time and effort to produce these masterpieces and owe an immense debt of gratitude to the makers of the films and to the producers of this fascinating DVD,"

Customer's Name : Grace Richards (Arlington, Washington)

"Today, when technologies like DTS have become commonplace, few people stop to think of the struggles of early sound engineers. Yes, we owe those persistent and innovative men a huge debt of gratitude. The clip showing how sound was transferred onto a film is delightful and I learnt a few things about sound. Thanks for this treat."

Customer's Name : Kerry Gray (Houston, Texas)

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History of Perception - Light and Sound DVD

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Our professionally-produced DVDs are shipped in retail Amaray style DVD cases just like you would find in a store. These beautifully packaged DVDs make great gifts and are themselves works of art. While we offer some of the best prices anywhere, we have never sacrificed quality for price.

Product Details
Video Run Time - 61 Minutes
Video Format - NTSC
Aspect Ratio - 4:3 Standard
Region Code - Worldwide
Packaging Type - Amaray
Release Date - 1943
UPC - 882012501108
Category Listing
Travel Video Series > History of Perception
Distributed By Travelvideostore Com
Travel Video Producers > A2Zcds
Light and Sound
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Light and Sound
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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 22 April, 2015.
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History of Perception
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